Local Support

Practical Tips

Things the International Graduate School (IGS) offered especially for their cLINK, FUSION and gLINK students
  • We have a special pickup service at the Airport Bremen.
  • We will accompany you at your first steps in Bremen.
  • An orientation week at the University of Bremen will guide you additionally
  • If you decide to apply for a scholarship at the IGS in Bremen we can establish a contact to our former FUSION and cLINK students from abroad as well as our IGS PhDs for any questions and worries.
  • We offer a German language course

Here are some Informations about the University of Bremen and your first Steps in Bremen
Lecture Periods for the coming semester
Winter Semester 2014/15
Lecture period 13.10.14 - 30.01.15
Holidays 22.12.14 - 03.01.15
Orientation week 06.10.14 - 10.10.14
Summer Semester 2015
Lecture period 13.04.15 - 18.07.15

Ways to the University of Bremen
Coming to Stay
The University of Bremen is a campus university. It is located on the outskirts of the town of Bremen, near to a wooded park (the Stadtwald) and a picturesque lake (Uni-See). Site Plan
Free Mover - Visiting Students
Organize your own stay as a Visiting Student
Free Mover
Welcome Centre
Researching and Teaching at Bremen University
Welcome Center
Graduate Center University of Bremen ProUB
Offerings surrounding doctoral studies
Studies and Study Programms
Austausch weltweit
Austauschsemester über eine Hochschulkooperation weltweit (außerhalb Europas)
(only in German)
Some useful informations for your stay in Bremen
Important adresses and locations for daily use